The City and Its Interior: Hub to Hub

The City and Its Interior: Hub to Hub | May 2, 2018/ 7-9PM
VCU Dance Spring 2018 Collaborative Freshmen Performance
Ching-I Chang Bigelow – Visiting Artist, Dance + Choreography
André M. Zachery – Visiting Artist, Dance + Choreography
Wesley Taylor – Assistant Professor, Graphic Design + Art Foundation

The 2018 VCU Dance Freshmen Repertory experience takes the form of a cross-departmental collaboration between freshmen VCU Dance majors and VCUarts’s Graphic Design Department that will activate various spaces of historical significance around the city of Richmond. Working in groups, the students will craft an experience for audiences that is at once artistically innovative, academically researched, and connected to the historical elements of the space and engaging with people to reach across the boundaries of performer and spectatorship. Each space will be connected by through-line of the entire project that links to the course work done over the semester.

Specifically, this project is asking students to consider this question:
What does is mean to spend time as a student at VCU in Richmond, VA? A city with so much history and legacy.

This final project engagement will traverse the city of Richmond at select sites, landmarks and locations laden with historical narrative. Using these real and rich narratives at these spaces the students will develop experiences for audiences using movement, choreography, graphic design, technology, media and text. In their groups along with the students of graphic design from VCUarts, this final immersive experience seeks to be a way to link VCU with the greater Richmond communities and institutions that are preserving, exploring and introducing these histories to peoples in the city and beyond.


Valentine Museum Showing Times | Starting at 7PM
Group I: 7-7:15PM + 7:20-7:35PM
Group II: 7-7:15PM + 7:20-7:35PM

VCU Arts Amphitheater Showing Times | Starting at 7PM

Processional from Amphitheater to VCU Depot

VCU Depot | Starting at 7PM

Finalé: 8:40-8:50PM


VCU Ride Safe – Campus Connector Bus from VCU Library to The Valentine (Requires VCU ID)
Departure | 6:15PM – Cabell Library
Arrival | 6:45PM – Sanger Hall/MCV Campus

Walk to 10th Street between Marshall and Clay to The Valentine parking lot.

VCU Ride Safe – Campus Connector Bus from The Valentine to VCU Library (Requires VCU ID)
Departure | 7:45PM – Sanger Hall/MCV Campus
Arrival | 8:10PM – Cabell Library

Driving Options
Parking is available in the lot of The Valentine.
Street parking on VCU Campus, or paid parking at the VCU West Broad Street Parking Deck.

Special Thanks to Wells Hanley and the VCU Jazz Music students for artistic support of this project.