Preparing students for lifelong careers in dance.

The VCU Dance community of highly motivated, disciplined, and creative dancers seeks to shape the future of the field. We are a vital, energetic department with an established reputation, diverse guest artist program, and professionally active faculty dedicated to working with students. Dancers intent on preparing for careers in dance thrive in our program. VCU Dance offers the benefits of a teaching and learning environment with a high level of student/faculty interaction. It is housed in the VCU School of the Arts, which is ranked in the top six arts schools nationally. Our production calendar is full of opportunities for students to perform and choreograph. Our facilities include eight dance studios with floor to ceiling windows and a fully ­staffed theater specially designed for dance.

The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Dance and Choreography is a pre-­professional program that provides students with numerous opportunities for individual artistic growth in a community setting that cultivates innovation, collaboration, and professionalism. VCU Dance seeks to create a diverse and invigorating educational environment designed to prepare students for the challenges and possibilities of a professional career as informed and engaged artists in the field of dance.

Virginia Commonwealth University is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).

One of the nation’s “top ten schools for choreography.” ­

-Seattle PI