Dance + Choreography Alumna Pictured in NYT and Mentioned in Broadway World

Ronniqué Murray (BFA ’13) has been pictured in the New York Times in a review of Step Afrika! and mentioned in Broadway World as a standout.

While most of the music was created on stage, a particularly memorable piece was danced to Nina Simone’s recording of “My Man’s Gone Now.” During the Great Migration of African-Americans, men often left their families behind until they could make enough money to bring their wives and children up north as well. The standout in this piece was Ronnique Murray, who showed off her classical ballet training and long legs that brought Judith Jamison to mind.

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Brittny Smith (at the mic) and Ronnique Murray in “The Deacon’s Dance” from “Wade Suite.” Credit via Andrea Mohin for the New York Times.

November 17, 2017