Taylor received her MFA from the Department of Craft/Material Studies in 2019 with a focus in jewelry and metal. Originally from Seattle Washington, she moved to Richmond Virginia from Oakland California where she continued to live and worked for seven years after receiving her BFA from California College of Arts in 2010.
Using jewelry as a lens, Taylor explores the tilt between utility and expression—both through how a piece rests on the body, and the life that surrounds and holds it. She enjoy the sway adornment has on our varying abilities to open and find our form. Her work is concerned with this exchange, and plays with the obvious and obscure points of touch present in the subtleties of connection. Using thinly veiled strategies of camouflage, intimate moments are slightly obscured to slow the visual experience of the work— to encourage lingering and reward patience. Nothing is completely hidden, but it is not always given readily— and not always so easily understood.
Lay it on Thick_2018_7'X14.25'X2.5'.pdf
Taylor Zarkades King_Lay it on Thick_2018_7'X14.25'X2.5'_Side View
Taylor Zarkades King_Lay it on Thick_2018_7'X14.25'X2.5'_Detail #1
Taylor Zarkades King_Lay it on Thick_Detail #2
Taylor Zarkades King_Holding, there_2018