Fun fact: Contrary to the common believe that opossums “play dead”, they actually become so stressed and scared that they pass out. So if any of you happen see a pink-haired woman laying in the middle of the floor or hallway don’t worry too much, the effects should wear off eventually.

Since the start of working with metal at 15 years old Meg has found inspiration in lines; A simple connection from point A to point B that can create a space, a relationship, or a value. She is inspired by lines found in her day to day surroundings that imply or establish a sense of volume, weight, and movement. Her first major body of work was pulled from observing and interpreting the fabric studies of renaissance masters while her most recent works evolved from internal, emotional and psychological analysis. The past 5 years have consisted of Meg creating her own connect-the-dots of homes across the northeast and not being any place longer than 9 months, so she is really looking forward to playing dead for the next couple years and splaying her guts for the world to see.