Jaydan Moore’s career began as an undergraduate student at California College of the Arts, Oakland, where he earned his BFA in jewelry and metal arts. During his time there, he focused on the production of oil cans and their representation of craft and the Industrial Revolution.

At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned his MFA/MA in art, Jaydan began focusing his interest on the heirloom. Using the imagery of found silver-plated tableware, he fragments and reassembles these objects into new forms to challenge and commemorate the individual’s ability to designate value to/ his her own valuables and memories. By fabricating a new object from stylistically and historically related wares, he creates a new image that takes all memories of its use into consideration, maintaining some semblance and evidence of their past incarnations.

Last year Jaydan was an artist in resident at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, where he continued these themes in new work for shows at Brooklyn Metal Works, in Brooklyn, NY, and the Overture Gallery in Madison, WI. During his time at VCU he will be working on an  exhibition that will to be held in Richmond. For more information, visit www.jaydanmoore.com