The Studio Furniture/Wood Program occupies approximately 7000 sq.ft. and consists of a large bench room with a general class bench area plus 27 individual Ulmia benches.


There are adjacent glue-up and sharpening areas, drawing easels, and a tool room stocked with a variety of portable powertools and handtools. A separate room houses vacuum forming and steam bending equipment and a Bridgeport metal lathe; while another, a finish area complete with spray booth.
The newly equipped machine room includes:

• 10″ Powermatic tablesaw
• 10″ Delta tablesaw
• 24″ Powermatic bandsaw
• 14″ Powermatic bandsaw
• 24″ Powermatic planer
• 18″ Powermatic planer
• 12″ Bridgewood Jointer
• Frommia horizontal mortiser
• CMT horizontal mortiser
• two One-Way lathes
• 56″ Crouch edge sander
• 20″ Jet disk sander
• Boise-Crane spindle sander
• Sand-Rite pneumatic drum sander
• Safety cut panel saw
• router table
• and a 30″ Excaliber scroll saw