The Ceramics program occupies 8000 sq. ft. in three large studios, a large kiln room, plaster room, glaze room, a glaze mixing room, and a clay mixing room, all with state-of-the-art ventilation and air handling equipment.

The Advanced and Graduate studio contains spaces for advanced students and six private spaces for graduate students. The handbuilding studio is equipped with:

  • one 20″ slab roller
  • one 36″ slab roller
  • two manual extruders
  • one pneumatic extruder
  • eight large canvas-covered tables
  • a low-fire glazing area
  • and shelving space

The throwing studio is equipped with:

  • 16 electric Brent wheels
  • two large plaster wedging tables
  • fourteen canvas-covered tables
  • scale
  • and shelving area

The plaster room is equipped with:

  • a state-of-the-art ventilation system for mixing
  • a solid granite mold table
  • mold drying racks
  • and two slip-o-matics

The glaze room is set up for high-fire glazing and is equipped with a glaze table that holds shop glazes and shelving. The glaze-mixing room is equipped with:

  • a spray booth
  • a two-tier ball mill
  • triple beam and digital scales
  • and a ventilated mixing area

The clay mixing room is equipped with:

  • two large Soldner mixers
  • a Bluebird mixer
  • a Venco pug mill
  • dry mix tubs
  • and ventilated mixing areas

The kiln room is equipped with 12 electric kilns:

  • three of which are computer controlled
  • three electric test kilns
  • 35 cu. ft. and 135 cu. ft. Bailey gas car kilns with oxygen probes