Craft / Material Studies


FAB Gallery, 1000 West Broad Street, Richmond

February 14 – February 23

Opening Thursday,February 14th from 4-6pm in the FAB gallery, S|P[L]ACE is an exhibition featuring the works of a Craft/Material Studies graduate students Sohail Abdullah, Ruby Troup, Alex Hayden, and Julie Malen.

Space, Pace, Place

Lace- water down, spike it, cut it up!

Play Space…

An installation, one piece from many, slack-jawed. The most pressing part of leaving is the trees. They live in public and they need to be guarded. When I left, they had to be left, handed over. A dialectic space, recognizing the inherent vernacular of each artist. Having something to do with something, revisiting what is already taking place.

a curios amalgam,
a shifting equation,
a collage- stuff on top of stuff, artist on artist, art on artist.

Its gonna be cool, you know, drawing, sound, light, wood stuff and glue!
The exhibition as a composite; all four artist variables in the final outcome.