Craft / Material Studies

Contemporary Clay Invitational: Curated by Andrea Keys Connell (VCUarts Craft/Material Studies, Assistant Professor) and Adam Paulek (Longwood University, Assistant Professor) at the J Fergeson Gallery in Farmville, VA . Open from October 5 through December 13, this exhibition features the works of A. Blair Clemo, Kurt Anderson, Tom Bartel, Jason Hackett, Hiroe Hanazono, Mike Jabbur, Bethany Krull, John Oliver Lewis, Richard Nickel, Nathan Prouty, Debbie Quick, Dave Smith, Mikey Walsh, Trent Berning, Kelly Berning, Jeff Campana, Sam Chung, David Eichelberger, Darrin Ekern, Misty Gamble, Meredith Host Kowalski, Nicole Aquillano, Frank Martin, Dan Molyneux, Chris Picket, Adrian Sandstrom, Amy Santafararo, Shawn Spangler, Kendra Sparks, and Adero Willard.