Yiwen Wei

Assistant Professor

Department of Art Education

Dr. Yiwen Wei is an assistant professor of Art Education. She graduated from the National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan with a major in arts and arts education (a minor degree in educational psychology and counseling) and an elementary teaching license. She earned her Ph.D. and MS in art education from Florida State University. Prior to studying abroad, she taught at elementary schools and children art studios in Taipei, Taiwan, for more than seven years. In addition to her teaching experiences in Taiwan, during her study in the U.S., she has worked with teachers and learners from diverse socio-cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds through research, community service, and museum-school collaborative art projects in Florida, Maryland, and Virginia. Her experiences of living and studying in both Western and non-Western educational and cultural context have contributed to her research and cultivated her interests in learning different art and cultures.