Talita Jackson

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Dance + Choreography

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Talita Jackson is a native of Richmond Virginia, driven by creativity, arts and passion; so it was no surprise that Jackson would choose a career that embodied all of those principles. In 2005, Talita Jackson received her BFA in dance and choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University. For over 20 years, Ms. Jackson had been a dance educator. To give back to her community Talita started teaching in and around the local community centers, dance studios and even founded a local dance team that still operates today. Ms. Jackson taught dance and enrichment and dance as an interdisciplinary subject for 9-12 grade students in Richmond Public Schools. Talita Jackson is currently the director of the City Dance Program, where she implements extensive dance programming and training for the citizens in the community of Richmond, Virginia. While programming for the City Dance Program, Jackson also is the co-director of the City Dance Theatre, a multi-award winning dance company, comprised of the city’s youth that travels and competes around the world. Jackson has won numerous awards from attending dance conferences and for choreography including the prestigious, Choreographer’s Cup Award, an award awarded to the educator that has presented the greatest body of work. Talita Jackson is currently an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University and most recently held a residency at Mary Baldwin University where she continues to pour her talents and share her experience and knowledge with the young adults of the future. She is also formerly an adjunct faculty member at University of Richmond. Recently, Ms. Jackson was privileged to earn another movie credit for her choreography of the Netflix original movie entitled Burning Sands. Talita Jackson is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.