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Shelley Roden

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Department of Kinetic Imaging

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Shelley Roden is an Academy Award-winning Foley Artist working at Skywalker Sound in Northern CA.  Performing footsteps and props in sync with picture, she creates natural and hyperreal sounds to enhance feature film, television, and interactive game soundtracks.  Roden utilizes found objects collected throughout her twenty-year career to create authentic original aural textures to convey the filmmaker’s sonic landscape.  With a focus on improvisation, Roden works with her two Foley Partners to mold, record, and layer these original sounds.  Together the team discovers a fresh and imaginative approach, advancing the craft of Foley art.

Roden’s favorite projects include Pixar’s “Toy Story 4”, Chris Nolan’s “Dunkirk”, the Netflix series “The Dark Crystal:  Age of Resistance”, Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther”, and Rian Johnson’s “Brick”.  Visit for a full list of credits.

Roden has lectured as a visiting artist at Ithaca College and Virginia Commonwealth University.  Engaging with college students through Foley workshops, Roden guides students through a collaborative process of creating Foley.

She is currently working on a personal sound art project utilizing instruments gifted to her by nephew Steve Roden, a sound artist, and inspired by the minimalist compositions of husband Jeffrey Roden.