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Sarah Faris

Associate Professor

Department of Communication Arts

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Sarah Faris, Associate Professor, Richmond, VA, is a board-certified medical illustrator (CMI).

BFA Communication Arts 2005, and MA in Medical and Biological Illustration from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 2007.

Diligent research, a dedication to skepticism, and extensive collaboration are fundamental practices. Inspired by the power of evidence-based knowledge and inquiry, objective communication-driven visual narratives contribute to progress, collaboration, and education in STEM fields. Fine art and photography gallery works reflect connection to the natural world.

Sarah teaches scientific illustration, 2D digital imagery, visual storytelling, and creative exploration. Objective teaching prompts request development of images that educate and engage. Subjective teaching prompts nurture meaningful creative departures into fantasy based on reality as a touchstone.

As the head of SciMed Studios, Sarah works with content experts to create compelling visuals that inform and facilitate professional practice. Sarah also works in the medical-legal field, developing patient-specific teaching visuals for trial.