Megan Ratliff

Adjunct Professor

Department of Photography + Film

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Media, Art, and Text | Virginia Commonwealth University | 2019 – Present
  • Master of Science by Research (Merit), Interdisciplinary Creative Practices | University of Edinburgh | 2017
  • Bachelor of Humanities & Arts (Honors), Fine Art & Cultural Anthropology | Carnegie Mellon University | 2012

Megan B. Ratliff is a practicing artist and PhD candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia (by way of Edinburgh, Seoul, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, nowhere New Jersey, Omaha, and L.A.). Her doctoral research aims to complicate standard histories of photography by highlighting often overlooked facets of photographic techno-chemical and digital materialities, thereby extending the discourse on photography’s interplay with various instantiations of archives therein. Megan’s research explores new ways of conceptualizing analog and digital photographic histories, by orienting them around photographic materiality, rather than a chronology of commercially successful technological advancements. It questions the assumed analog-digital divide (among other binaries) in conceptions of photographic history, archival and knowledge production, as well as visual practices.