Laura Chessin

Associate Professor

Department of Graphic Design

Laura Chessin is an associate professor of Graphic Design. Her work as a designer and artist is eclectic as she draws from both her undergraduate degree in photo and film and a professional career as a practicing designer, focusing primarily on publication and book design. A primary focus of her work is text-based which ranges from the technical/digital realm of typeface design to hand-sewn texts on fabric, and includes book arts and personal writing. Another area of past work includes documentary film and photography projects including documentary films about migrant birds in Panama— in partnership with faculty in VCU’s Center for Environmental Studies. Chessin sees a life in design as a fluid way to interpret personal and universal experiences through abstract and expressive forms. She plays traditional fiddle, an aesthetic that folds into her view of living through design. She might be hard to pin down. Chessin earned her MFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and her BFA in photography from Cornell University. Her website is