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John Chae

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Painting + Printmaking

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John Chae is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the ways in which ideology determines reality. Chae makes installations that plot and connect the historical and personal narratives that have constructed his sense of identity; narratives in which desires collapse, mutate, or converge when confronted with power, opportunity, or illusion. Within each installation, paintings, and images are installed onto infrastructures composed of wooden beams, together forming spatial timelines. His works are a composite of imaginaries, excerpts, declarations, and remembrances associated with the reciprocating effects of evangelism, colonialism, and capitalism–exploring pervasive contradictions that result when tools of persuasion barter in false promises but also act as genuine containers of faith. By delving into these portals of human experience, Chae creates an inheritance, a vantage point with all the fears, aspirations, reasonings, and prayers that come with it. The work is a quest for interiority amidst a pervasive lack, a lack most keenly felt when one is confronted with the violence of subjectivity–violence that requires one to define oneself within set terminologies in order to defend against it.