Gian Pierotti

Academic Advisor

Art Foundation

Department of Art History

Cinema Program

Department of Dance + Choreography

Department of Fashion Design + Merchandising

For two decades I have been professionally engaged with the arts. In the early years, I worked as a screen printer and a t-shirt designer. In college, I performed in a handful of rock and roll bands and focused on Ceramics. My dedication to Ceramics earned me an MFA from one of the top art schools in the US. I continue to make and restore antique woodworking tools while also building dynamic worlds in Minecraft with my young boys.

Currently, I work with college art students as an academic advisor. I am constantly developing new curriculum to effectively prepare students for life at college and after graduation. I use purpose learning, social-emotional education, and art therapy modalities to help people grow into the people they want to be. I have presented this work and offered experiences at national conferences as well as professional development events. I have a rich life!

My Foundational Intention (why I do this work):

I clear the way for rich, magical experiences that foster connection, confidence, and wellbeing between people.