Diana Laurel Caramat

Administrative Affairs Coordinator

Adjunct Professor

Diana Laurel Caramat smiling in front of a floral wall paper

Art Foundation

Department of Fashion Design + Merchandising

Department of Graphic Design

Department of Interior Design

Diana is the Administrative Affairs Coordinator for the Design Group (Fashion Design + Merchandising, Graphic Design, Interior Design) and is also an Adjunct Professor for Art Foundation (Surface Research). She is a 2009 VCUarts Bachelor’s alum from both Sculpture & Extended Media and Painting & Printmaking, as well as a 2016 Master’s Degree alum from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Diana was born in Talisay, Batangas, Philippines, raised in Virginia, and has an international professional studio practice based in the United States.  Their creative practice is interdisciplinary, often combining dimensions and fields of study. Diana find ways to mediate 2D, 3D, 4D, other art forms involving movement, sound, and play, with amateur sciences. The social practice that results from her artworks becomes the lubrication between spaces of creative and community friction. Through creative outpouring, Diana embraces their neurodiversity, queerness, and diaspora–her portfolio becomes the bridge of addressing feelings and changing the systemic boundaries of ‘otherness’.