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Brinson Leigh Kresge

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Dance + Choreography

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Leigh discovered the transformative power of drawing one’s attention to the present moment as a dancer, through the awareness of the physical body moving through space and the simultaneous experience of sensing the body from the inside. The resultant place of presence illuminated the profundity available within the simplicity of each moment and began to dismantle her ideas of a separate self and a linear perspective of measurable time. She deepened this experiential understanding by working with teachers in Asia and the US, establishing spiritual practices that elucidate the nature of the mind through direct investigative experience, and physical practices that uncover the connection between mind and body.  


Leigh has had a dedicated yoga practice for 19 years, making six multiple-month trips to India where she studied Ashtanga-Vinyasa, pranayama (breathing techniques), and Ayurveda. She has taught Mysore-Ashtanga for 8 years with the blessing of her teachers Rolf and Marci Naujokat. She participates in regular silent meditation retreats (Japan, India, and US),  and continues to work directly with her meditation teacher Pat Buxton. Leigh practices and teaches Ayurveda (the science/knowledge of life) and continues her training as a death doula in hopes of consciously bringing death into a more holistic conversation about living. 


Leigh’s choreography, poetry, and teachings are a moving exploration of impermanence and interconnectedness, smudging the boundaries of conventional concepts of reality and questioning the stories we come to identify as ourselves.