Watch our Professor’s new feature – HAVE A NICE LIFE


Our professor Prashanth Kamalakanthan’s new feature is premiering now at the Maryland Film Festival.

As an Alumni of NYU’s Graduate Film Program, Prashanth is a writer/director and professional editor/DP. He encourages his students to explore how to listen and make peace with the world and expand their very notion of selfhood.

Professor Kamalakanthan is currently teaching a Feature Writing class this Fall semester.

Film Synopsis:

When a middle-aged Indian-American housewife and a young stoner musician meet at a pawn shop, they end up on an unexpected road trip to Canada. The pair have next to nothing in common, but they find mutual empathy in each other as they navigate very different life crises. Sophie has run out of money, motor oil, and dignity as Jyothi has discovered her husband is having an affair. They encounter many rough patches and difficult situations on the road towards a conclusion, but they lean on each other and learn from one another’s life stories.

Taking cues from films like Thelma and Louise, yet utilizing a more comedic tone and a unique contemporary style, the lead characters Jyothi and Sophie (Jagathi Kamalakanthan, Lucy Kaminsky) tell an unlikely story of an even more unlikely friendship.

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