VCU Jazz Studies Highlighted Internationally

The May 2021 _Down Beat_ features the article “Rosenwinkel, VCU Collaborate Remotely” as its “Jazz On Campus” feature, noting three completed music videos joining guest guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel via multitrack with VCU Jazz students. “VCU’s jazz bands could practice and record together again as a group, foregoing the need to multitrack everyone’s parts. An in-person group recording session took place in mid-March (Rosenwinkel laid down his parts separately), and on April 13 the three completed tracks were to be presented with video accompaniment at VCU’s spring jazz concert, a hybrid event featuring livestreaming performances by university ensembles.” See and hear the concert livestreamed at <> on Tuesday, April 13 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time: the VCU Jazz Orchestra I live (directed by Prof. Antonio García), plus recorded with guest guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel; also the VCU Martucci SJE recorded with Rosenwinkel; and the live VCU Jazz4Justice Scholars.

Antonio J. Garcia, director of VCU Jazz Studies, facilitating a zoom session with the Jazz Orchestra I.

The March 25, 2021 _New York Amsterdam News_ article “Jazz in Surprising Places” noted: “The jazz scene is jumping in Richmond, Virginia…. There’s a vibrant jazz scene in Richmond. It’s home to the Virginia Commonwealth University’s jazz program and jazz lovers can find live shows most nights of the week. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts hosts its Jazz Café series every Thursday. Numerous live music venues in Richmond regularly host jazz artists including The Camel, The Tin Pan, The Answer Brewpub, Barrel Thief Wine Shop and The Dark Room at the Hof Garden. Read more at <>.

The VCU Jazz Orchestra I in performance