What’s your second major/double minor/ why did you choose it?

I chose English as my second major because I’ve just always enjoyed reading and writing. I wanted to dive into literature and creative writing specifically, I thought it would be helpful to strengthen my screenwriting abilities in other writing classes with people outside of Cinema in order to get new perspectives! I’ve also just really enjoyed taking things I’ve learned from those classes and implementing them into scripts. I honestly couldn’t imagine majoring in anything else besides Cinema and English.

What department in film do you enjoy the most?

Definitely the art department! I really love collaborating with a team to bring the world of a story to life. Since I started at Cinema it’s been my favorite thing to do, hands down. Set decorating, costume designing, working on props, and just all of those little details we get to create are super fun and a really important part of any film. 

Who is your favorite filmmaker? 

There are a lot of filmmakers I really admire so it’s hard to pick just one. Lately I’ve really been enjoying Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It’s incredible. I also really love Tomboy! I really want to watch the rest of her work. 

What are your goals after graduation?

I’m really hoping to move to New York as soon as possible after I’m finished at VCU. I’m considering going to graduate school eventually but I also just hope to be able to work in the art department on any films, TV shows, or music videos. I also really hope to keep writing, whether it be a feature or a short film or even doing freelance writing, I just want to continue to do it. 

How have you liked the program during your time at VCU/ what have you learned that you feel has impacted you the most?

Cinema has changed quite a bit since I started almost three years ago. We’ve changed buildings and some faculty, but it’s been a very positive change! I feel like I’ve learned so much, especially during our summer intensive. Collaboration has had the biggest impact on me, learning that making a film requires the effort of every single person in even the most minor position, and that every role matters immensely.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

My biggest piece of advice is to not let fear or nervousness stop you from trying different departments. As a freshman, I was too scared of stepping out of my art department bubble, I didn’t go to workshops alone and I didn’t ask any upperclassmen to teach me new things and I really, really regret it. It might be easier said than done but workshop leaders and student workers are there to help you! It’s a really good idea to try out every department to figure out which one you have the most fun in.