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Tempest Britt – A Film for the People

Tempest Britt poster

Tempest Britt – A Film for the People

January 26 – February 6

The Anderson presents A Film for the People by AFO / Photo + Film BFA student Tempest Britt as part of its Open Call exhibition proposal initiative. A Film for the People is a 7 minute, 23 second experimental short film played on a loop that explores the teachings of leaders such as Hampton and Malcolm X to explore the alienation of the working class and the possibility for the betterment of circumstances.

Tempest Britt is an experimental filmmaker from rural Virginia. They have spent six years working in varying filmic languages, mainly focusing on organic motion and social unrest. They have experience in narrative, experimental, and skateboarding based filmmaking. Recent works include short films such as Intimate Scenes from a Relationship, Not Meant for Your Eyes (2019) and 1312 I’m Trying Here (2020).