Students’ VR Game Featured in Digital America


Kinetic Imaging Undergrads Aliyah Decker, Caitlin Dinoia, Michael Shea, El Tucker, and Tay Williams’ collaborative VR Game “when the seasons change my feelings change” (WTSCMFC), made for Semi Ryu’s Virtual Interactive Worlds class, is featured in Digital America Issue no 14. This VR Game leads participants through the Kubler-Ross five stage model of grief, encouraging the viewer to draw connections between their emotions and the environment while being guided through colorful, geometric landscapes. Featuring a Q&A with KI undergrad Aliyah Decker, Digital America walks through the groups process of creating a totally immersive and three dimensional VR experience. Focusing less on the technology it’s self, Decker explains, the group aimed to explore how VR technology can facilitate changes in ones self awareness and relationship with their surroundings.

A sample of WTSCMFC is available for view on vimeo. The full article and interview with Aliyah Decker are available through Digital America.