Student Work Wednesdays – Abernathy


What is the premise of your film?

After feeling abandoned for what feels like decades, a young man has a thirst for revenge and begins stalking a girl.

What was the Pre-production process like entirely online?

Andrea (Director): It was a little confusing. I think everyone is still getting used to things being totally online so it was a little complicated at times for all of us to communicate, but we did great as a team.

Foster (Producer): Lots of zoom meetings. It was important to make sure everyone communicates/is in the loop.

Maya Baskin

How many crew members did you have on your film? How many were on set?

Andrea: We had Carly, Molly, Foster, Maya, and I as crew (5); and Skye (day 2), Brian

(day 1), and Wes (both days) as cast (2). Total on set 7.

Foster: Five crew members. Five on set.

What was it like working with a small crew?

Andrea: I honestly think that the overall experience was way better than with a bigger crew. We were always communicating our ideas and helping in each other’s roles if needed. I think we worked as a perfect team.

Foster: Filming actually moved faster with a small crew. It was fun to see how much you can do with only five people.

Foster Mellott and Andrea Batista

How do you think this experience has helped prepare you for the professional world?

Andrea: Well, it gave me the opportunity to direct a short film so now I have that on my career resumé and life resumé.

Foster: This experience taught me that I can do it. You don’t need 50 people to make a film. You can do it with the resources you have. 

Which part of the process was your favorite? Why? (Pre-pro, Production, Post-pro, Modules)

Andrea: Production, because we actually got to DO something!

Foster: Story dev. I love watching an abstract idea morph into an actual story.

Which part of the process was the most difficult? Why?

Andrea: Pre-production. Since this was my first time directing, I really had to wing most of the things I was doing. I think everything turned out great at the end, thanks to my awesome team.

Foster: Shooting the film. We had two locations and three actors. It was cool watching everything take shape.

Molly Stewart and Carly Kaderli

What was the most rewarding part of this experience?

Andrea: All the connecting I made with this project, and how much fun we all collectively had.

Foster: Post production. Watching the footage turn into a film is just magic.

What advice would you give to students who take this course after you?

Andrea: This is a good opportunity to create something fun.

Foster: Over Prepare. Hear as many people’s ideas as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Clip from Abernathy (2021)