Student Spotlight Stories: Dalton Zheng

Dalton Zheng is a current Communication Arts student. He is working to pursue a career in fine arts and editorial illustration. Dalton saw that the Comm Arts department at VCU offered him the best opportunity to make this possible. Since joining the department his skill set in design and anatomy has grown immensely, and his mindset has developed into a more mature artist. Dalton continues to excel as an artist as he participates in student organizations, such as the Communication Arts Exhibition Committee and co-curated Pilot Episode, the 2019 gallery exhibition at The Anderson. He appreciates the diversity in professors who’ve had experiences in different industries, and the various tools offered in the program to assist students in their processes. Dalton’s words of wisdom are “to never feel limited by the courses offered in the program. Continue seeking help in order to grow. You are what you eat, and you’ll get more inspiration from outside of visual art.”

A Year of No Significance
Judgement of Paris
The Visit of Manjushri to Vimalakirti