What’s your second major/double minor/why did you choose it?

I have a double minor in creative writing and media studies. I chose these two because I thought it would help further develop my cinema degree/career. I sort of wish I can go back in time and second major in public relations because I really enjoy it and have helped VCU cinema with it as well. 

What department in film do you enjoy the most?

It’s hard to say if I even have a favorite department in film. I enjoy grip and electric and enjoy teaching it, but I also really enjoy editing and sound and am trying to get more involved with camera. 

Why did you come to film school?

I wanted to come to film school because I became drawn to filmmaking my sophomore year of high school. I started to write a script that year and decided that I could see myself going to film school to learn more and become a filmmaker. After sophomore year of high school, going into my junior year, I took a video media class and fell in love with film all over again. 

Who is your favorite filmmaker?

One of my favorite filmmakers would have to be Alfred Hitchcock. I really enjoyed watching “Vertigo” in cineclub, and watching “Rear Window” and “North by Northwest” in Tyree’s film history class. His style of filmmaking was super interesting to me. My favorite newer filmmaker is Jordan Peele. I enjoyed his films “Get Out” and “Us.” They were really different and stood out to me and the rest of the movie critics. 

Describe your on-set experience? Pros? Cons?

I decided to do all five summer films my freshman year and am doing all six this year because of how much I like the on-set experience. I’ve done a lot of G&E jobs and have built up my skills around that department. However, I’m eager to expand and try out some new departments. I believe that you can learn the most while on-set. Some on-set pros I would consider are things such as learning about how the industry of film works and learning more about sets. Some cons would be probably adjusting to everyone’s work ethic and being able to work cooperatively with them which is something that is easily manageable.