Do you have a second major/double minor? If so why did you choose it?

My second major is English and my minor is Spanish. There’s always been a part of me that wanted to be an English teacher ever since I was 10 years old! As for Spanish, I love the language and highly consider going to live in a Spanish speaking country after graduation. I believe that it is important to experience different places of life and different cultures. And of course I would try to work in a field having to do with cinema, or I would teach.

What department in film do you enjoy the most?

My favorite department in cinema is production and art. Production always keeps me busy which I like during preproduction and during production. Production also combines creativity with leadership and organization. Art department allows me to be creative. 

Why did you come to film school?

I came to film school from a theater background. I love movies, I love talking about movies, and I understand the theory of filmmaking (or I’d like to think I do) as well as acting theory. I definitely love making movies and made a few in high school with my friends as well as my high school’s film club. 

Who is your favorite filmmaker?

I have a lot of favorite filmmakers and favorite movies. I like science fiction and films with fantastical elements like Pan’s Labyrinth. I would say that Bong Joon-Ho is one of my favorite directors. If you haven’t seen The Host it is so goofy and thrilling. 

Describe your on-set experience? Pros? Cons?

Being on set is so much fun and is one of the best things about the program. I love being able to be tasked with a job and then working with my friends to problem solve around the obstacles (no matter the department) and seeing all of my peers do awesome stuff with their jobs too. A con being on set is how tiring it is, but of course the rewards make it worth it. 

Is the cinema program what you imagined?

The cinema program is what I imagined it. Like any university program there will always be pros and cons but my time here has been so much fun and I feel like I have learned so much about the film industry and equipment since my time being here.