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Student Spotlight: Cecilia Ford

Cecilia joined VCUarts looking to improve her skills and knowledge in the fields of both traditional and digital art. She has enjoyed the opportunity to focus on both the physical, technical element of creating, and the contextual element, the further narrative. She came into the department thinking that it would mostly emphasize industry practice, but she has also learned a lot about individual practice. One thing she loves about the program is the variety of creative approaches from class to class; it’s why she was drawn to Communication Arts. “It’s awesome to walk to class in the morning carrying a graphics tablet and a bag of oil paint supplies,” she says. Her plans after VCU include pursuing a large array of projects such as freelance illustration, exhibitions and possibly graduate school. Her words of wisdom are, “Your style and interests will develop, so let them evolve and grow, don’t clutch on. Make something you like, even if you think nobody else will like it. Gather skills, and put forth full effort!”

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