Do you have a second major/double minor? If so why did you choose it?

For my double minor I am doing Creative Writing and Music (auditioning for my music minor this fall semester). I am doing Creative Writing because I am a song writer and I love poetry. I also love to tell stories so creative writing fit perfectly for me. It helps me develop stories for cinema and poetry I can use for my songwriting for my band Foxhedge. I also will be doing a Music minor. This is because I want to pursue Scoring in the future and LOVE music. 

What department in film do you enjoy the most?

My favorite department in film has to be Post, because I am able to score the short films that we do! But I have such a love for the art and camera department too!

Why did you come to film school?

I came to film school to pursue my dream of being a film composer and to learn how to tell stories, whether it be through the art of  image or music.

Who is your favorite filmmaker?

My favorite filmmaker is Wes Anderson! I love his style of film and his stories. I also really love Greta Gerwig!

Describe your on-set experience? Pros? Cons?

My favorite part about this program is collaborating with my peers on set! It gives me an idea what being on a real set is like. It is fun, challenging, and it is a great experience.

Is the cinema program what you imagined?

The cinema program definaly is what I imagined. It already has given me many opportunities to venture in many sides of filmmaking and has really shown me what I want to pursue in the future!