Spring 2022 Cooperating Teacher Appreciation: Hanover County Public Schools


May 2-6, 2022 is Teacher Appreciation Week! This week we’re sharing our gratitude for the wonderful cooperating teachers throughout Virginia who welcome our students into their classrooms for practicum and student teaching.

Below are messages of thanks from our students who have worked with these fantastic educators!

Hanover County Public Schools

Atlee High School – Melanie Kluender

Mrs. Kluender is a dedicated and caring art teacher. She strives to teach her students new and exciting lessons and genuinely wants the best for them. Being a practicum student under Mrs. Kluender’s wing is game changing. Days spent observing, I can soak in all the strategies she uses for communicating her creative ideas. While I am teaching, she gives great, constructive feedback that is so valuable. Her passion for teaching art is inspiring!

Chickahominy Middle School/Hanover High School – Kathleen Cooper

Kathleen’s wealth of experience being in the art classroom for 26 years has allowed me to see all of her secrets to managing a successful art class. I feel like she has been through every single situation and has the answer for almost anything! Thank you Mrs. Cooper!

Cool Spring Elementary School – Rachel Griggs

Rachel Griggs has been teaching as the primary art teacher at Cool Springs Elementary for the past 8 years. She has aided and advocated for VCU students within her art classroom and is such a positive role model for all future student teachers: Mrs.Griggs is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever seen. She truly has a love and passion for teaching the Cool Spring artists and it radiates through her teaching. She is the PERFECT example of an inspiring art teacher and has so much knowledge and kindness to share and teach. She is an invaluable asset to the VCU Art Education program and I only hope that other future student teachers have the privilege to experience her teaching.

Oak Knoll Middle School/Mechanicsville High School – Laurie Parfitt

Laurie has been extremely insightful when it came to taking a step into secondary. Considering how quick the transition is from elementary to secondary, Laurie has made me feel at ease teaching the students and provided me with the tools to successfully do so. I appreciate all of the knowledge you’ve shared and how you’ve helped me grow as an educator.