The last chapter in The Triptych of the Spirit anthology series is Scarecrow.

Scarecrow follows a weary ghost, unable to move on for fear of abandoning his mother. When he is suddenly visited by a mysterious spirit, the scarecrow is forced to confront his own mortality.


Scarecrow – Kiyante Smith

Mother – Tricia Hawn

The Spirit – Emily Gerber


Written by – Jonathan Pinera
Directed by – Brandon Miller
Produced by – Mackenzie Nolan and Gabe Kelley
DP/Camera Operator – Gabe Kelly
Camera Assistant – Olivia Dinman
Gaffer & Key Grip – Mackenzie Nolan
On Set Sound by – Jonathan Pinera
Production Designer – Kelly Galicia and Erin Rodgers
Edited by – Jonathan Pinera
Colored by – Brandon Miller