Sam Taylor’s gentle tools & gentle space

gentle tools

VCUarts The Anderson is pleased to present gentle tools, a web-based experience thoughtfully curated and carefully composed by Sam Taylor.

Join us via Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday, September 23 for Gentle Tools for Imagination with Sam Taylor, a guided tour and exploration of the gentle tools platform followed by an open dialogue about the importance of imagination during hardship. Zoom link for the Sept. 23 event:

Gentle tools is a web aggregator for all the content that is found organically through my everyday consumption of art and media. Typically these pieces of content are things that I feel are meaningful in the process of learning more about holistic well-being, outward acceptance, creative inspiration, and radical reimagining of our current society.

Sam Taylor

New content will be added to gentle tools on a regular basis.

On September 10, a corresponding gentle space opened at The Anderson. Gentle space is a sanctuary of softness devoted to rest and self-guided exploration of gentle tools. This on-site experience will be available through October 3.

This project was supported by an Anderson Web-Publishing Grant. Sam Taylor, an undergraduate student focusing on Product Design in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at VCU, is a recipient of this web-based grant initiative, created as a spin-off to the traditional Anderson Publishing Grant opportunity during Spring 2020.