Sally Wells – Secret Ingredients

Secret Ingredients

February 17–March 3

Reception: Friday, February 17, 5–8pm

The Anderson is pleased to present Secret Ingredients, a solo exhibition from Sally Wells (Painting & Printmaking BFA candidate) as part of its Open Call initiative, on view on the Mezzanine level of the Anderson building.

Exhibition Statement

Secret Ingredients is an exhibition of works created by Sally Wells in response to the artist’s own hybrid research on queer theory and food culture. Funded and supported by VCU’s Undergraduate Research Program (UROP), this research project creatively explores the relationship between queer identity and cuisine and creates artistic responses to the concepts and ideas found in the research. Communicating primarily through the mediums of language and printmaking, the themes of intimacy, sensuality, taste, memory, and perceptions of the self are present and active across the body of work. Secret Ingredients serves as a culmination of self-investigation into how queerness shapes perspectives, associations, and sensory experiences throughout one’s life, and invites viewers to converse with the primary question: how does what we eat determine who we are?

Artist Bio

Sally Wells (they/she) is a current BFA candidate in VCUarts’ Painting & Printmaking department. As a queer person, lifelong baker, and passionate lover of all things edible, their research is often self-reflective and speaks to some key facets of their identity. As an artist and printmaker, Sally has taken an interest in print techniques as both a method of image reproduction and as an opportunity to formulate a uniquely distinct artmaking practice, while also incorporating language and text into their work.

Poster designed by Sally Wells.