Rough Cut 2020: Student Film Screening

VCUarts Dance is pleased to present ROUGH CUT 2020, the first annual student film screening, Friday, January 24, 2020, 7:30 pm at the Grace Street Theater, 934 West Grace Street, Richmond, VA. Admission is FREE and open to the public. Call 804-828-2020 or visit the event page for more information.

Rough Cut includes a fantastically diverse range of films created by VCUarts majors from both the Kinetic Imaging and Dance + Choreography departments. Dr. Kate Sicchio, Assistant Professor of Dance and Media Technologies,  facilitated curation of the screening with a panel of students and faculty.

Love On Tap, by Phil Archer, is a multimedia animation featuring a tap dance routine, and showcases a wide variety of animation techniques and materials, including felt puppets, yarn, collage, and many others. The bright colors and feel-good vibes paired with the upbeat music result in a positive, uplifting viewing experience.

Taylor Colimore’s Arrival & Departure is a performance piece about being away from all the people you love and the moments when they arrive to visit and moments when the depart after visiting.

In Break, Michelle Dominado has created a 2D frame-by-frame rotoscoped animation of a b-boy.

In the Dark of Night, by Angie Gan is an expression of who we are when are truly alone. It is a dance that represents the freedom to live our deepest fantasies.

Anna George’s Interstellar Love is a sweet, fun love story of two stars dancing through space

What would you do if a million dollars appeared in your bank account? Kyana Harris’s film Money Goodt explores a baddie adventure that she and her girls take on when some extra zeros in their account cause them to go from drab to fab!

Directed by Alexiana James and choreographed by Kasey Grigsby, Unraveling Connections investigates authentic connections through willingness and vulnerability.

tercet, created by Michael Shea and Chaunci Hannibal, explores the differences in tonality and movement quality that arise when three directors work with the same subject matter, environment, and material constraints. Each chapter of the film arose from a differing emotion; when viewed subsequently they form an abstracted glimpse into human consciousness and the cathartic power of dance.

Megan Siepka’s I Was Walking / Heap of Testimony depicts rage, discomfort, and reclusive behavior in the face of violation.

“Alone in the woods and a desire to capture the moments they decide to document their world.” Tay Williams’s film offers a music interpretation.

Rough Cut is the sixth event in the VCUarts Dance + Choreography 2019-2020 performance season. Recognized by professional dancers and choreographers as “a place where things are happening,” Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Dance and Choreography offers a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere where students prepare for careers in dance.