Rosalind Koons – Cellular Compassion

Cellular Compassion

January 20–February 4, 2023

Reception: Friday, January 20, 5–7pm

The Anderson is pleased to present Cellular Compassion, a solo exhibition from Rosalind Koons (Sculpture + Extended Media BFA 2023, Art History BFA 2023), as part of its Open Call initiative. The exhibition is on view on the top floor of the Anderson building.

Exhibition Statement

Over the course of three years, Rosalind Koons has experimented with her “alien forms,” each new iteration building on the last. The collective work in Cellular Compassion provides an introspective look into the dynamics of unintelligible life forms and intelligible scientific scrutiny.

The practice of scrutinizing new shapes and the rigid categorizing of these alien life forms into pristine resin casts mirrors the meticulous nature of scientific inquiry. The translation of complex and mystical into the understandable, or the alien to the understood, is the conceptual core of Cellular Compassion. The process of manually weathering, sculpting, and embedding unto these sculptures proposes a contemplative view of the surfaces around us—specifically that of the human body.

Rosalind Koons is a person living with an autoimmune disorder who has grappled with numerous hospitalizations, surgery, and medical procedures throughout her lifetime. While Koons has this diagnosis, her main infatuation is with art-making. Using this outlet, Koons uses sculpture to physically manipulate the immaterial concept of health and bodily autonomy in the realm of medical treatment. Finding a poetic relationship between organic, bodily forms and her own internal anxieties around health, Koons has created a unique visual language via abstracted sculpture.

Poster designed by Rosalind Koons.