Professor Semi Ryu’s research article published by the International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media

Congratulations to Professor Semi Ryu on having her research article on Performing Virtual Bodies published by the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media!

Ryu’s research focuses on facilitating a life-review process for the elderly and cancer patients through the use of virtual reality technology and avatars. In her work, Ryu focuses on incorporating a cross-cultural approach that utilizes Korean healing rituals; linking traditional methods with digital outcomes.

“Since 2016, I have been working on avatar life-review platforms that have a mirrored body movement and lip-synchronization of live speech,” explains Ryu in her abstract, “These avatar life-review sessions will be discussed as examples of wishing, facing, creating and performing virtual bodies, to proactively experiment, design and facilitate emotional and therapeutic experiences. It will enrich the potential of technically mediated bodies in digital space, supported by the constant development of virtual, interactive and simulation technologies.”