Photography + Film Community News – March 2022

We are incredibly excited to share what the VCU Photo + Film community has been able to accomplish in 2022 so far! We’re always inspired to see how everyone in the Photography + Film department has deepened and expanded their dedication to the medium; both nationally and internationally.


Sonali Gulati‘s film “Miles & Kilometres” has screened at 31 film festivals worldwide including the Czech Republic, England, Portugal, Bulgaria, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Italy, India, and Australia and has won 3 awards. Sonali’s film was also featured at the 27th annual James River short film showcase in Richmond, Virginia along with several other alumni, and current students.

Sonali Gulati‘s film “Miles & Kilometres”

Em White was featured on a PBS Documentary titled “Capturing The Moment: Democracy”. In Em’s words, “When I was asked to approach the topic of what democracy would look like in a single image, I immediately thought of the river and it’s function as a community space. I think it embodies this collective responsibility we hold to invest in natural spaces as a means of investing in community wellbeing. If we invest in the river, everyone benefits.” You can see the documentary feature. Em was also included in a museum exhibition held at Hollin’s University called “What Photography Is” in Roanoke, Virginia.

Image from thePBS Documentary

Jonathan Molina-Garcia was awarded a VCU Humanities Research Fellowship and “will be converting a seminar he taught, “Brown Sadness,” into a comprehensive study of speculative philosophy and art from the global South. He will start drafting a book for young readers interested in art and politics.” Molina-Garcia was the only faculty member in the School of the Arts to receive the Fellowship. The fellowships, Cristina Stanciu, Ph.D., director of the Humanities Research Center and an associate professor of English said, are “essential for scholars in the humanities, humanistic social sciences and the arts because they provide dedicated time for research and writing, away from teaching obligations for the semester.”

Jonathan Molina-Garcia

Justin James Reed will be a part of an upcoming group exhibition with Candela Gallery in Richmond, Virginia opening March 4th, titled “Coming Down to Earth” with artists Alanna Airitam, Jasmine Clarke, Paul Guilmoth, Justine Kurland, Gita Lenz, Anne Arden McDonald, Justin James Reed, Patricia Underwood, D.M. Whitman, Iwase Yoshiyuki, & Susan Worsham. He also will be included in a special artists’ book published by Skylark editions named “Outs”. The editors of SKYLARK EDITIONS asked 70 artists to provide us with a photograph which didn’t fit into any of their projects, their OUT, but remained compelling for them nonetheless. Lastly, Reed self-published a limited-run photography book named “Hallucinations“.

Justin James Reed’s book ‘Hallucinations’


Grade Solomon, Tristan Ruark, and Jack Fox curated a communal gathering called A Warehouse of Angels in Richmond, Virginia.

A Warehouse of Angels is a communal gathering of Richmond-based fine artists. Ranging from photographers, designers, illustrators, and painters. All were given the task to create a single work centered around the theme “Angels.” By utilizing disregarded public space and minimal resources, A Warehouse of Angels creates a gallery setting which highlights artists outside of established exhibitions. This project was cultivated to bring a glimmer of hope. Angels are all around us, taking many forms in the most subtle of ways.”

Photography by Grade Solomon

Lily Hobart was the awarded an artist in residency at Burren College in Clare, Ireland. Lily will be making work about the post-glacial landscape.

photograph by Lily Hobart