Nothing Personal – An exhibition of artworks by Painting & Printmaking BFA students

Nothing Personal – an exhibition of BFA student work from Professor Katerina Muromtseva’s Paint Practice & Theory course, is on view November 29th through December 3rd, with a reception 5-7pm, November 29th.


Amina Coleman-Davis

Ashley Phonvieng

Brianna Gobes

Elizabeth Rimmer

Grace Downard

Haley McCuiston

Katherine Perez-Hernandez

Nadia Msalek

Exhibition Statement from Professor Katerina Muromtseva:

The idea of the show is based on an assignment for my students suggesting that they explore the realm of “nothing personal”. That is, choose a subject or a theme that is not directly related to their personal narratives, feelings or beliefs. I wanted them to step back from themselves and observe the contexts and the manifestations outside of the self. Then, some chose art history, some pursued formal relationships between colors and shapes, some were thinking about gossip as humanity’s original joy, some painted imaginary landscapes. The range of topics is delightfully wide, and the show is a panorama of subjects that relate to something in the bigger world that is hard to see from a self-centered point of view. This show is an attempt to find other perspectives outside the personal and give a chance to the world’s many phenomena to be as significant as our own selves.

Poster designed by Grace Downard