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New Sound Design Minor


Coming next Fall in collaboration with the Kinetic Imaging and Theatre Department is our new sound design minor! This minor is composed of 18 credits, equating to one class per semester for three academic years. To read more about the specific requirements, students can visit the sound design minor bulletin here:

This minor was created to explore all things sound, not necessarily just music. Students can work with audio for theatre, gaming, dance, film, video, and more. In this minor students can expect to gain some historical background on creative approaches to sound design. They can also expect to take interesting and unique classes on audio engineering, as well as gain the opportunity to experiment creatively with sound.

There are only two required classes in the minor, and the rest the students will elect to take. Therefore, students will be able to have creative control over the work that they want to produce. They could work on sound design for a play, work on Foley art for a video, or create a mix for a film. This gives students a lot of room for creativity and experimentation in the minor. 

There are three objectives that a student will be able to master by the time they finish this minor. The first is: understanding the concepts and technologies of sound design. Then they should be able to: create sounds that successfully support a narrative or other form of audio-visual work. Finally, they will be able to work collaboratively which is a vital skill to have in any creative field. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t a KI major! This minor is open to all VCU students, including KI and Theatre. All you need to do is have an interest in sound and working with it, and our classes will provide a technical and historical foundation. Just be willing to learn and we’ll take care of the rest. If students have any questions about the minor they can visit the bulletin linked above or contact the Kinetic Imaging department at  and we’ll be happy to help.