New Release from Student and Alumni Run Experimental Music Label


Current KI student Micah Giraudeau, along with alum Sam Mullany, and their friends Liza Pittard and Matt Dowdy, work collaboratively to run Richmond-based experimental music label, FOIL. Founded in the summer of 2018, the project focuses on highlighting experimental work involving gatherings, performances, digital landscapes, atmospheric media, and communal exploration. The FOIL output ranges from digital album releases (including a compilation featuring 19 artists raising money for Nationz) to online collaborative projects between poets, DJs, and visual artists. FOIL maintains regular radio shows on Noods Radio (UK) and Internet Public Radio (MX) where the FOIL members and guests explore sonic spaces both hard and soft, unraveling hidden textures, watering drifting thoughts. FOIL continues to build a space for inclusive artistic expression both online and in Richmond.

In late February, the group put out RANDY by corncob; the project of Charlottesville-based artist Heather Mease. The album is currently available for download on their bandcamp page and features a text by artist and poet Basil Lee. This release was accompanied by mix from the artist as well.

Inspired by the nurture and care involved in tending a garden, the group’s website features a section called “mix garden”. This segment houses the mix by corncob as well as another recent mix by Kudrovo-based AIR Krew.

FOIL is currently working on events and new releases coming early Summer.

Visit FOIL’s website here.