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New exhibition features Kinetic Imaging alum’s ‘familiar and alien’ visuals

Beginning September 6, the Cody Gallery at Marymount University in Arlington, Va. will feature the work of Emma Cregan (BFA ’17), Kinetic Imaging alumna, whose animations create distorted realities that reveal new perceptions of the world’s traditions and environment.

Emma Cregan’s work explores the space between the digital and intangible. Cregan studied animation at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Kinetic Imaging program, where she created several short films using puppets and other stop-motion techniques. Her animations focused on family history led to an internship at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

While working at the Smithsonian, she created short videos and wrote articles about the importance of culture and how traditional knowledge remains relevant in the 21st century. Her interest in cultural heritage led to an internship with The Maa Trust, a non-profit in the Maasai Mara working to establish harmony between community development and environmental conservation. Cregan created short video pieces showcasing their efforts to economically empower Maasai women.

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Image: Emma Cregan, Escaping Surface (2019), video still. Courtesy of the artist: