Music professor’s love-hate relationship with practicing inspires guided practice journal


There’s help for musicians who need a little positive jolt in their practice routine. A Virginia Commonwealth University music professor has written a guided practice journal to help ignite their passion for practicing and help take them to the next level of playing.

“Many musicians feel they have no choice in the matter, they must make music,” said Susanna Klein, assistant professor of violin and coordinator of strings at the VCU School of the Arts. “For us, practicing has become a way of life.”

To help fellow musicians who are also driven to practice — which, she said, includes professionals, students and recreational players — Klein created the “Practizma Practice Journal: 16 weeks of Efficiency, Empowerment & Joy for Musicians.”

The book is a journey in creativity, discipline, courage and grit. It includes prompts for reflections, action challenges and goal-setting exercises. The reflections slow down the process and help connect musicians to what is important. For instance, one prompt asks you to write what makes practicing easy and what makes it difficult. Another asks you to recount your most meaningful experiences in music.

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