VFX & Communication Arts Prof Matt Wallin interviews Cinema Director/Communication Arts Chair TyRuben about their time at ILM in new podcast 8111

Eighty-one eleven is a podcast hosted by visual effects artist and VCUarts Professor Matt Wallin, V.E.S. (also co-host of FX Guide’s VFX Show podcast). Each episode is a conversation with a guest who worked at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic during its 40+ year history. In episode 2, Matt talks with TyRuben Ellingson, Chair + Associate Professor of the Department of Communication Arts and Interim Director of the Department of Cinema at VCUarts.

Ty has worked as a visual effects art director, concept designer, director, producer, fine artist, and now educator. His story is a fascinating one and his impressive list of credits include; Jurassic Park, Avatar, Star Wars: Episode IV (The Special Edition), Casper, Disclosure, Hellboy, Blade 2, Mimic, Elysium, Pacific Rim, and Battle Los Angeles. Today Ty and Matt work together again in higher education at Virginia Commonwealth University in the School of the Arts in Richmond, VA. 

Listen to the episode in the link below!