Kinetic Imaging program among the ‘most unique’ in the South

In a guide to the most outstanding animation and game design programs in the South, Animation Career Review declared VCUarts Kinetic Imaging to be distinctive among its peers. VCUarts was listed alongside five other universities in the region. “If you’re looking for a unique animation program in Virginia,” says the site, “look no further than the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.”

All students in the BFA in Kinetic Imaging program get a solid foundation in video, sound, and animation production. The curriculum allows flexibility, enabling students to focus on an area or to create a cross-disciplinary art practice. Student outcomes include: making art and media work that is meaningful, making meaningful analysis and evaluation, attaining high level of electronic and digital media technical skills, and professional preparation.

The BFA program consists of courses such as Animation (I-IV), Video (I-III), Sound Communications, Web Technologies for Media Artists, Motion Graphics, Computer Animation, Virtual Interactive Worlds, Sound Communication (I & II), and Socially Engaged Media.

The MFA in Fine Arts/Kinetic Imaging “expands the field of video art, experimental animation, sound art and emerging media through the production of works of art that explore the artist’s relationship to culture and society.” The studio-based, fine art program was initiated in the Fall of 2007 and it is a two-year curriculum of 60 academic credits. The competitive program is designed to support just 4-8 graduate students.

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