Kinetic Imaging chair invited to city-wide French exhibition

Stephen Vitiello, chair of Kinetic Imaging, will join Korean artist Kimsooja for the Traversées exhibition, which opens this October in Poitiers, France. Set in venues across the historic city, a group of 12 artists will present works that take visitors on a journey through iconic locations such as the Palace of Poitiers, Église Notre-Dame-la-Grande, and the Musée Sainte-Croix. Vitiello will share a site-specific sound piece at the Baptistère Saint-Jean, a Catholic baptistry built in the 4th century CE that is considered to be the oldest church in France.

The Traversées exhibition runs from October 12, 2019, to January 19, 2020, and is directed by Emma Lavigne and Emmanuelle de Montgazon. Kimsooja leads the event with about 15 works that explore the themes of borders, displacement and exile.

For more information, visit Le Nouvelle République (French-language link) or Fused Magazine (English-language link).