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KI Students’ VIW Project Featured in Indie Bits Festival


 Computer Science student William Coleman and KI students Tiffani Green, Arpita Chatterji, and Amir McGregor’s project for Semi Ryu’s Virtual Interactive Worlds class, Prehendo, has been selected to be featured in the Indie Bits festival. Prehendo is a virtual environment in which the player is led through seemingly unpleasant situations and learns that things are not necessarily as they seem. The developers wanted the player to explore differences between perception and reality, and how it relates to human emotions such as anxiety, stating:  “Our flawed perceptions can create apprehension in us, making us fearful of encountering situations. Instead, when we choose to face our fears head to head, apprehension serves no purpose. Our fears are either confirmed, or they’re proven wrong. We just need to take a leap of faith.”

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