Karla Mickens (BFA ’09)

Karla Mickens, soon to be Mrs. Kevin Cole, is a award-winning product designer at The New York Times. Having worked with clients like HP, Finish Line, Fiji Water, Nike, Teleflora, Google, and more, Karla has a passion for designing and building products that simply make sense to users. Karla was formerly a designer at Big Spaceship, and McKinney.


Hand drawn typography and illustration for Bonterra Wine

Finishline.com landing page for reserving limited Air Jordans

City Park Clothing Company identity pattern treatment

Redesign for Teleflora.com

Karla Mickens on the web
Twitter – @karlamickens
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What mattered about the BFA program?
Studying design at VCUarts was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can’t say enough about the faculty and the caliber of teaching happening within the GDES program. Although I was exposed to so many areas of design, I would’ve never imagined myself as a product designer simply because web was still gaining traction and hadn’t quite gotten to the same level as print. However, every aspect of my GDES education prepared me to be the product designer I am today through problem solving in Design Center with John Malinoski to perfecting my craft through letterpress with Jamie Mahoney.