Jack Lwin – Life Without Buildings

Jack Lwin exhibition poster by Eric Couture

Jack LwinLife Without Buildings

February 12 – 26*

The Anderson presents Life Without Buildings, an exhibition of photographs by AFO student Jack Lwin as part of its Open Call exhibition proposal initiative.

Exhibition Statement

Life Without Buildings is a collection of photos that are an exercise in world building. Instead of reflecting moments through photos, it uses image making as a way to explore creating an environment outside of space and time. A world that is very aware it exists through a photographic means. A world where everything is a bit more specific and extreme. A world where you’re left to draw your own conclusions. These pictures may play off each other and interact in distinct ways, but there is no through line or narrative. Each image is its own living breathing vessel. The parallels the audience draws between images is what makes the photos inherently coherent. The title of the work references the band of the same name. The phrase “Life Without Buildings” presents a world where free space to roam is abundant. However, with this space, how much we actually see and how much we can actually explore is brought into question. The images chosen may cover a lot of ground in the world presented to the viewer, but by no means do the photos truly capture the extent of the environment created.  


Jack Lwin (he/him) is an undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University set to graduate in May 2024. Lwin’s work examines the veil that separates reality and fiction. By puncturing said veil he wishes to emphasize how there is no difference between the absurd and the truth. Lwin’s work also explores the complexities of meta-narratives and how we often stretch the truth in order to prove a point. Lwin’s primary medium is photography, documenting the casual and the bizarre with a strong emphasis on using the artificial flash of a camera to shed light on his subjects. 

Poster designed by Eric Couture (@ericwithasword).

*Exhibition extended from original end date of 2/19.